Tamara - Acoustic Real-time Assessment

Tamara is an advanced acoustic real-time measurement and analysis tool. It can be used both as a Matlab Toolbox and as a standalone program, both allowing easy integration for further data analysis in Matlab and other software, using export and import of established formats such as UNV, MAT and HDF5 as well as more basic straight-forward formats such as CSV and WAV.

It is designed for an efficient and user-friendly user experience, yet includes all the expert- and custom options you need, using an UI based on experience in the field of acoustics, as well as input from our direct users and customers.

Examples of possible measurement- and analysis techniques Tamara can offer, are: modal analysis, ODS measurements, long-term level logging and sound intensity, among many others.

Flexibility in software and hardware

Sound and vibration specialists of today require a robust and proven, but flexible platform, transparent in its calculation and methods. Data can easily be further processed in various Matlab toolboxes and functions, e.g. to provide input to FEA analysis models, optimisation algorithms or machine learning.

We provide hardware support from small acquisition system such as National Instruments CompactDAQ to large 100+ channel high-performance systems such as National Instruments PXI, as well as hardware from Data Translation and audio devices. We also support CAN-BUS data and GPS for easy coupling between vehicle parameters and NVH properties. Contact us for more details regarding hardware compatibility.


The full Tamara measurement capabilities are available on Windows (8.1 and later). Our data viewer, Tamara Explorer, is also available on Linux and Mac (11.0 and later).


If you have any specific method or idea you want to implement, we can provide an implementation in our Tamara environment for Matlab, as well as support you with our programming expertise in your own project.

Read more about Tamara and our partnership with Mathworks here.

Validated and trustworthy

At WHTA we believe in transparency and accuracy. All our calculations and processing are subject to extensive testing and benchmarking, and we never use any calculations or methods that we can't explain in detail to our users and customers. We provide familiar, robust and proven methods based on state-of-the-art acoustic research and established methods in the fields of applied acoustics.

We offer training for our Tamara software as well as customised or general courses in data acquisition, signal processing  and  applied acoustics; among many topics. Contact us for more information on how we can increase your productivity and accuracy.

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