Martin Wolkesson

senior specialist in sound & vibration

MSc in Sound and Vibration and has worked as a noise and vibration specialist in product development and in other industries since year 2012. Martin has experience in automotive NVH and medtech industry, but also in production sites such as offshore platforms, pulp and paper processes and petrochemical plants. He is fluent in many well-known multi-channel measurement and analysis systems and he has a trouble-shooting approach to problem solving.

Lars Hansson

senior specialist in sound & vibration

MSc in Sound and Vibration, and BSc in Industrial Design Engineering. Lars has experience in product design, acoustic research, R&D, automotive NVH, and in industrial plants, such as pulp- and paper. He is a specialist in implementation, design and manufacturing of electromechanical systems, for example in ANC and active vibration control systems, and hardware-/software development of measurement systems.

Wolkesson & Hansson Teknisk Akustik provides solutions in applied acoustics with high quality and efficiency.

We want to offer work that is developing, and interesting, both for our clients and for our specialists, by making active choices regarding projects. We have great belief in each specialists knowledge and passion, to deliver added value and quality to our clients. We offer a high degree of individual responsibility, in combination with the latest and proven technical capabilities in project management and technical software. Given these tools we can reach a high efficiency in the deliveries to the clients since key decisions is delegated to each specialist.

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