Automotive NVH

End-customers of today have high expectations on NVH attributes. Many manufacturers have identified this, and are forced to push their targets and requirements, to meet, and exceed, these expectations. An objective approach towards targets should be used; evaluated by specialists according to well-defined test methods.

Wolkesson & Hansson Teknisk Akustik have a structured approach toward test methods and we have many years of experience using multi-channel noise and vibration measurement systems such as PAK, Siemens Testlab or HEAD, as well as our own Tamara.

Examples of techniques are modal analysis, ODS measurements and sound intensity. This applies to both exterior and interior noise measurements, at proving grounds, semi-anechoic rooms or in rigs.


Vibroacoustic systems needs to be optimized in applications ranging from miniature springs in consumer products to resilient mounts of large rotating machinery. These type of systems can cause noise or vibration in the object itself, or result in structure borne vibration to where it is attached, which can be difficult to measure and evaluate. By including a specialist early in the project, one can avoid costly late stage solutions before start of production.

We have experience of measuring and analysing vibroacoustic systems in industries, such as automotive- and medtech, but also in production sites such as offshore platforms, pulp- and paper processes and petrochemical plants.

Measurement systems & software tools

Apart from the experience of well-known multi-channel measurement and analysis systems, we develop and optimise advanced measurement systems suited for a specific application or test method, based on our own Tamara measurement suite.

We can be a part of your selection process and guide you to a cost-efficient hardware specification, but we can also provide custom scalable systems, including electro-mechanical sensors, acquisition electronics, adopted for data presentation; always with a focus on user experience (UX) and efficiency. User training and hardware/software support is also available.

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